Organic Milk Is More Nutrient Dense And Farming Methods Protect Land

I find organic milk to taste better and often come across information sharing how cows produce better milk when they are allowed to live in the manner they do naturally.  This makes a lot of sense.  Cows were meant to eat grass in a pasture type environment not eat corn standing on concrete.  This is a great article sharing the benefits of organic milk:

The Organic Center found dairy cows allowed to graze and forage in the pasture daily produce more nutrient-dense milk in comparison to farms where cows are “pushed to produce beyond their genetic potential.” One of the major differences between high-production conventional dairy farms and organic farms is “declining animal health and incrementally more serious reproductive problems on farms that strive to maximize production via a regime of hormone and other drug use, coupled with high energy, grain-based diets.”

A whole lot more here:    


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