How To Build A Garden Shed

I was recently struck with the notion that there could be more car space in the garage if I moved gardening tools to a shed.  I was struck with the parallel notion that I could build my own darn shed when I saw the price tag they had on them at the store.  I figure that I can do it for a hundred dollars if I salvage materials.  These notions came to me as the result of a conversation with the neighbor who is tearing down an old style garage.

A little bit of talking with my brother assures me that my garden shed does not need a poured foundation or a basement.  His suggestion is to build a cinder block foundation upon which to build the floor.  I have a readily available source of 2X6 lumber and once the ground thaws, my goals are as follow:  set the cinder blocks, build the sill for the floor joists to sit upon, install 2X6 joists, lay in the floor, build walls, install door, build roof, install roof metal.  These are the steps that I am laying out here on paper so that I can spring into action come spring.

The first step mentioned is in lieu of pouring frost footings 36 inches deep.  Anywhere where the ground freezes in the winter is prone to ground heave, which is when the frost comes and goes during the winter and can shove a building around unless its bases are well under the frost area.  I will bury a few stacked cinder blocks to achieve the same effect.

Most of the materials I can begin harvesting now, as the garage is being torn down and I would like the lumber and roof metal before anyone else gets it.  My priorities are the walk in door, every stick of 2X4 lumber I can get, enough 2X6 for the sill and plate, and the 4X8 sheets of wood siding that make up the exterior walls of the shed.  With all of that material I should have my shed.  One or two bags of screws and some sweat and I’ll have a place for the car in the garage next winter.

My biggest concern is installing the roof metal, as I am not a tall woman and being of retirement age I am not crazy about the height.  I have always had success bartering services and hope to find someone to help for just a few days during the ‘tall’ part of the shed building.  I can’t wait for this snow to melt.


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