Happy Cows Produce Healthy Organic Milk

Happy cows on this farm help make milk more healthy.  Here are some reasons to look for happy cows…

Organic Valley’s “Six Reasons to Choose Organic Foods” for the non-believers:

>Nutrient density — Organic milk and other foods taste better, have a higher nutritional value, and are superior in antioxidants than conventional foods.

>No persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers

>No synthetic growth or breeding hormones

>No antibiotics

>No GMOs — Certified Organic means genetically engineered seeds or animals.

>Animal care (aka happy cows) — Organic farmers let animals graze freely in pastures; encourage a stress-free environment; promote healthy animals; and give their animals a lot of love (hugs!).

You can find the whole story here:  http://www.summitdaily.com/article/20101202/NEWS/101209990/1078



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