Cheap Food Is Killing Americans Here is Proof

How has the dollar menu at fast food restaurants stayed a dollar when gasoline is more expensive and the price of gold has increased 500% in the last ten years?  There is only one way… the quality of ingredients has continued to decline.  (if you really want some insight watch the movie “Food Inc”).

Check this out:

Comparing U.S. consumers’ food expenditures to those of the French and Spanish, the flack concluded that our tightly consolidated food industry is serving us a higher “quality of life” along with all the burgers and frozen dinners.

Shwankie very smartly shredded that assertion by coming up with a little chart comparing food expenditures and various diet-related troubles among the United States, France, and Spain. She didn’t give her data sources, so I felt uncomfortable reprinting her chart. Inspired by her, I came up with my own version. I threw Germany into the mix, just to broaden the sample.

Jump over here to see the charts:


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